April: Spring Forward to Better Health!

It’s no secret that being active and eating well-balanced meals are both excellent ways to maintain good health. Unfortunately, with work and family responsibilities, it can be difficult to find time to exercise and to prepare healthy meals. For some families with older children, it’s rare for everyone to be at home-and at the same time-for dinner!

But with a little planning-and now that our Wisconsin weather is finally turning warmer-families can make exercising together a frequent activity. Getting outside and enjoying Kenosha’s lakefront paths, taking family bike rides, or going for a run are all excellent ways to demonstrate the importance of a healthy lifestyle to those around you.

Knowing the facts and getting screened for colorectal cancer are two more ways to promote good health. The Kenosha Community Health Center provides stool-based screenings for colorectal cancer, and can assist with connecting patients to doctors who perform colonoscopies. (Any patient who receives abnormal test results from a stool-based screening needs to schedule a colonoscopy). Screenings like colonoscopies can detect precancerous polyps so they can be removed before they turn into cancer.

Colorectal cancers can remain undetected for months or years-symptoms are not always noticeable. Adults with an average risk of being diagnosed with colorectal cancer should be screened beginning at age 50. We encourage you to share this information with loved ones, and schedule your screening together. Screening saves lives!

Maintaining a healthy body weight, avoiding processed foods and not smoking are all lifestyle choices recommended by the American Cancer Society. While they may not prevent colorectal cancer from occurring, each of these activities helps lower your risk.

For more helpful tips on being healthy and lowering your risk of developing cancer, please visit www.cancer.org or www.cdc.gov/screenforlife. Screenings save lives. To schedule your stool-based screening with KCHC call 262-221-9493!

Adults with an average risk of being diagnosed with colorectal cancer should be screened beginning at age 50.

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