leadership team

  • Alan Marshall

    “I chose to work for KCHC because of its mission, values and strategy as a charitable 501 ©3 organization.”

  • Gary Moss
    Gary Moss Chief Financial Officer

    “Our philosophy is patients first! I believe in building lasting relationships with our patients and their families in a warm, comfortable environment. At KCHC, we work together with healthcare organizations and local partners to improve the health of our diverse community and expand care to those with limited access.”

  • Johnnie Williams
    Johnnie Williams Dental Care Director

    “I choose to work at KCHC because I wanted to be a part of something where I could make a difference. At KCHC I feel like we are part of a family helping the community and that makes me feel proud when I drive home every night.”

  • Raymond Garay
    Raymond Garay Medical Support Staff Supervisor
  • Iris Caraballo
    Iris Caraballo Patient Services Supervisor

    “I choose to work for KCHC because I believe in our mission & in helping the people in our community.”

  • Janice Sandalow
    Janice Sandalow Executive Administrative Assistant
  • Angelica Sanchez
    Angelica Sanchez IT Specialist

    “I came to KCHC in 2011 as a dental assistant with many years of experience. I felt I had finally found a home that shared my passion for helping people and appreciated my skills. A place I could make a real difference by contributing to our mission. In 2018, I was given the opportunity to do more as IT support, understanding the importance of quality patient care on the front end, I wanted to help staff maintain that care on the back end by keeping PHI secure,  upgrading our technology needed too give the upmost patient care, but, most importantly help providers and staff stay focused on our number one priority, you and your family!”

  • Jolie Helgesen
    Jolie Helgesen Human Resources Manager
  • John Stampfl
    John Stampfl Controller
  • Ben Ransom
    Ben Ransom Grant Manager
  • Melissa Kaprelian
    Melissa Kaprelian Business Development Liaison
  • Paul Forchette
    Paul Forchette Risk Manager
  • Kristine Schweninger 
    Kristine Schweninger  Dental Support Staff Supervisor

    “I choose to work for KCHC because I believe in our mission to provide access to quality health and dental care to our community.  I enjoy helping people and feel rewarded when I see a patient’s health improve.”

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