Dr. Manuel RiveraMedical Doctor

    Specializes in: Emergency Medicine; Trained in Internal Medicine

    Brief description of your professional expertise/experience/reason for choosing your field:

    I have been serving patients in emergency medicine for 33 years.

    Why did you choose to work for Kenosha Community Health Center, Inc.?

    I decided to contribute, and use some of my knowledge gained through many years in emergency medicine, to patients in community medicine.

    Education Background:  

    Undergraduate- University of Texas at El Paso

    Medical School – Southwestern Medical School, Dallas, TX, 1983

    Board Certifications/Awards/Nominations:

    Residency in Internal Medicine

    Certified in ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support)

    Certified in ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support)

    Certified in PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support)

    Clinical Interests:

    My professional interests include Emergency Medicine and Alternative Medicine. I enjoy investigating natural ways of treating disease.

    Practice Location:  22nd   Avenue

    Accepting New Patients: Yes

    Languages:(other than English)