Jolie HelgesenDirector of Human Resources

    Month/Year started at KCHC:
    May 2018

    Professional Human Resources Certificate, Northern Illinois University

    Languages Spoken:

    What made you choose a healthcare career?
    I was drawn to a meaningful career purpose that both healthcare and KCHC offered.

    How does the work you do at KCHC make a difference in the lives of patients and our community?
    On rare occasions, I get the opportunity to interact with patients and it is extremely rewarding when I am able to help them. However, I am really able to make a difference by devoting most of my time to selecting the best candidates to work at KCHC, who then provide quality care and services to our patients. In addition, I like getting to know our staff, determining how I can best support them and making KCHC a great place to work.