Kelly Reeves, RDHDental Hygienist

    With KCHC since 2009

    Specializes in: Providing optimal oral health through awareness, education and clinical treatment. Treating patients of all ages is both challenging and rewarding.

    Brief Description of your professional expertise / experience / reason for choosing your field:

    As an energetic and optimistic clinical dental hygienist, with a great sense of humor and personable nature, I love education and empowering each patient with life-changing oral health practices. I am also known for my ability to connect and work well with co-workers and supervisors as part of a dynamic team of professionals committed to excellence.

    Why did you choose to work for Kenosha Community Health Center, Inc.?

    I was born and raised in Kenosha and I’m very excited to work with my home community. I’m committed to education and influencing patients about proper home care, products, and services that lead to positive and healthier oral care. I have a sincere passion for Public health.

    Education Background:

    I began in the dental field as a dental assistant, then furthered my education at the MATC dental hygiene program class of 2008. I earned a BS in Dental Health at Minnesota State University, Mankato, in 2014.


    Board Certifications / Awards / Nominations

    • Resisted Dental Hygienist
    • Local Anesthetic Administration certification
    • CPR certification
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