Ken MorrisDirector of Compliance, Risk & Safety

    Year Started at KCHC:


    Bachelor of Science in Social Welfare and Human Services Counseling
    Masters in Business Human Resources Development
    Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Administration.
    Certified in LEAN from Virginia Mason.
    Trained in Six Sigma from Villanova University.

    What made you choose a career in healthcare?
    I have worked in healthcare quality for the last 25 years. I truly enjoy working to improve healthcare quality systems. I feel it is my calling to work on eliminating waste, rework, and helping care providers achieve excellent patient outcomes. Figuring out how to work smarter not harder! Kenosha Community Health Care is the perfect healthcare organization where I feel I can use all my skills and abilities to maximum potential. I am so blessed to work with this great team!

    How does the work you do at KCHC make a difference in the lives of patients and our community?
    I want to work in my community and help improve the quality of care our patients receive. I have always had to commute to other communities to go to work. So, for the first time, I am excited to be able to work in my community and help improve healthcare.

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